Data Analytics

How it works

In their daily operations, companies store data which –if managed, analyzed, and interpreted correctly by machine and deep learning algorithms– add valuable statistical information about their business. 

At K Labs, we branch this out in two main areas: 

Data analysis and Machine learning.

Data analysis

Data analysis uses algorithms to understand the performance indicators relevant to your business’ needs.
This process consists of these phases:

Goal definition

Data collection

Data cleansing

Data exploration

Goal analysis

"Our goal is to provide insights to the decision makers."

How can we help

  • Data preparation and migration to cloud services using ETL tools.
  • Exploratory data analysis.
  • Advanced statistical data analysis.
  • Data visualization.
  • Model development to predict data behavior.
  • Generation and analysis of time-series graphs.

Machine learning

Machine learning (ML), a technique from Artificial Intelligence, applies heuristical analysis to large sets of data. ML helps automate operations such as clustering information from similar customers. 

Machine learning (ML) algorithms use data to create automatic tasks. 

Deep learning (DL) uses big amount of data to build high-performance models in applications like Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Computer Vision. 

How can we help

  • Consulting projects involving ML/DL
  • Develop ML-based proof of concept
  • Creating sentiment and text analysis on data
  • Implementing image processing and facial recognition modules