Crafting the

Ksquare Studio is the creative branch of Ksquare.
We solve problems using Design Thinking, to create seamless user experiences and simple, yet elegant products for the digital age.

Solutions for the real world

We make sense of your product context and use the latest technologies to build it.

We focus on our clients and their customers. This helps us provide effective solutions for your business needs.

Customer's customer

We are passionate people with that same philosophy.

We like to think from your customer’s perspective, so we can build elegant and effective solutions for your design needs.

Design is the heart of our solutions

Secret Sauce

Our secret sauce to bring ideas to life is passion! We love what we do, and we’re committed to deliver it to you at the highest level.

What we offer


Before giving solutions, we try to understand your business and its opportunities.


We love to brainstorm ideas before creating the best design prototypes and products to reach your business goals.


It doesn’t matter if we start something completely from scratch, or if we improve your existing product: innovation is in our DNA for your benefit.


We’ll combine all of our services to help your business grow as fast, and as much as possible.

Business areas

Engineering with the latest digital tech

Move to and work from the Web

Our clients